Translation Copyright Agreement

The author`s study of Polish, English and English-Polish documents confirms the reported results of research by other translators on the usefulness of machine translation for the translation of specialized texts. Google Translate has generally generated good translations for clauses. This is probably the result of the great convention of the clauses analyzed and a rich base of translations used by the google translate system. Does the work of translators and indexers meet copyright requirements? The question has been debated for years between indexers and translators, and the answer may not be the same for translations as for indices and may be different for different types of either. Indeed, the copyright law mentions both translations and clues. This topic focuses on translations; next month will look at the readability of the copyrights of the indices. Solecki, B. 2012. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of examples of translations created by Google Translate and human translators. In The Translator and the Computer, Ed. Grabowski and T. Piotrowski, 205-219.

Wroclaw: Wydawnictwo Wyszej Szkoéy Filologicznej We Wroclaw. Under German law, the translator holds the copyright to the translated work. It is an inalienable right that cannot be transferred. However, the translator can and must transfer to you as an author the rights to operate the translated book; Otherwise, you can`t publish it. Once you have obtained these rights, you will be able to treat the translation in the same way as your English books for which you hold the copyright. All you need to keep in mind is that the translator should be informed of any changes made to the translation. In addition, the translator has the right to indicate his name as the author of the translation (for example. B in legal mentions or at the front). If the translation is only available as printed on demand and/or as an e-book and if the sale has been less than [xx copies] in the previous 12 months, provided the advance has been earned or has elapsed more than three years after the first publication (depending on the previous value), the translator may terminate the agreement within one month. The amount and the factor of meaning do not promote fair use in this situation, because the whole work is reproduced by translation. Copyright Act 1976, code title us 17- Copyrights.