Wake Up One World Religion Unity Agreement

There is no doubt that this pope will continue to insist on global religious unity, which has a huge impact. In 1991, he told the United Nations that "religions … Works with worldviews that are not religious, but that offer views on the deep meaning of life and the ethics of life.ย Global ethics "must focus on both man and the universe in order for humanist and religious precepts to be included." In 1993, Kung presented his global ethics to the Syncretic Parliament of the World Religion Conference in Chicago (organized by the Catholic Archdiocese). The document states that spiritual renewal "can occur if people adopt the ethic that underlies the world`s religions, whether or not they believe in one of the religions concerned" (all priorities have been added). The overall ethics of Kungs has nothing to do with Christianity. It uses platforms of justice and peace, women`s rights, the environment and tolerance of vices and transforms them into humanist commandments that replace the Ten Commandments. Just days after signing the most important interfaith document in history, the pope had the opportunity to make a video address to world political leaders at the World Government Summit in Dubai. In his speech, he once again stressed the need for global unity and encouraged those present to work for "sustainable development", while stressing that sustainable development would never succeed without "solidarity". The lure of synchro movement is peace.

A world tired of war will zealously follow all those who promise peace. It does not appear that the United Nations will bring peace until the 2000 AD deadline. This is how the torch was passed on to religions. With communism (which the Gospa of Fatima accused of provoking wars), it is easy to provoke so-called religious wars, to make religions generally responsible for past and present conflicts, and then to tell them that they have a responsibility to work for religious unity and peace. In any case, it`s propaganda. The hidden agenda, but highlighted by the statements of the syncretists themselves, is to unite people under one religion so that they peacefully accept the government of One World. They did not say that they hoped that Catholicism, the true objective of all these activities, would finally be peacefully destroyed by indifference. No one can feel liberated from it.

We all have a common responsibility. We must all be forgiven and forgiven. The injustices of the world and history are not healed by hatred and vengeance, but by dialogue and forgiveness. Wars and peace, pandemics and health care, hunger and access to food, global warming and sustainable development, displacement of populations, elimination of nuclear threats and reduction of inequalities: these are not issues that concern individual nations. We understand it better today, in a world that is abundantly interconnected, but which often has no sense of brotherhood. We`re all brothers and sisters! Let us pray to the Highest that after this period of trial, there will be no more "others" but a great "we" rich in diversity. It is time to dream again that peace is possible, that it is necessary that a world without war is not utopian. That`s why we want to repeat: "No more war"! But in the context of the "sustainable development" speech, the Pope again used the term "solidarity." It is a word he has used a lot lately, and when he uses it, he refers to the need for global unity. Specifically, he almost always uses this slogan when talking about the need for global religious unity. The UR reflects the objectives of the WCRP, such as a world parliament of religions that values the "common good of all human beings", which is exactly what the EC will be, because in addition to the deliverance of spirituality, it will also be a body of debate and resolution, a Parliament "for the global good". In addition, the WCRP plans to establish an International Centre for Religion and Conflict Resolution (funded by the Rockefeller Foundation), while the EC plans to form peacekeeper teams made up of leaders