Colt And Larissa Divorce Agreement

The couple married in June 2018 and separated in January 2019 (and sought divorce). Johnson and Dos Santos Lima, who do not have children, will not receive assistance as part of their agreement. "None of them are entitled to the help of others… and renounce forever any right of assistance to the spouse," the documents state. The last of their divorce formalizes their separation, but Colt and Larissa left their relationship a long time ago. In February, they held separate divorce parties at a Las Vegas club, where other artists helped them celebrate their new life as divorcees. "It takes two people to get married or ruin a marriage," Colt says in hindsight. "I did what I did best for her and for myself, and I`m sure she did. But, you know, honestly, it was just a misunderstanding.

I don`t think we knew how to communicate with each other, and I don`t speak Portuguese and English — we`re just two different people, and she had those expectations that I didn`t understand or didn`t understand, and it`s sad, but sometimes it doesn`t work. The only thing I should have done differently is probably not to stay that long, probably sooner, honestly. 90 Day Fiance star Colt Johnson has finally spent his tumultuous relationship with Larissa… The judge signed their divorce. Season 4 of 90 Day Engaged: Happily Ever After? Introduced fans of TLC larissa and her then husband, Colt Johnson, and quickly became an exceptional couple in the show because of their volatile and dysfunctional relationship. During their season, Colt and Larissa were arrested for domestic violence, which eventually led to the couple divorcing. After their separation, they separated, and it seems that they continued their lives with new people successfully. Although the couple may avoid a trip to court on Monday, after their most recent physical altercation in January, they are still scheduled to go to trial on Thursday over Larissa`s battery charge. Colt has explained several times, including in an emotional scene in the trailer "Happily Ever After," that he wants to pursue the pressing accusations against Larissa. But he may well have agreed not to press charges in exchange for Larissa not contesting the divorce. Not long after…

Colt`s mother allegedly paid the divorce fees so he could end the marriage.