Data Use Agreement Sample

Without limitation, researchers who download data sets do not justify it: this agreement represents the entire agreement between the downloader and the researcher regarding downloading/downloading and using the data and replaces all prior or simultaneous communications and suggestions between the downloader and the researcher. If a provision in this agreement proves unenforceable or invalid, that provision is limited or removed to the minimum necessary for the agreement to remain in full force and remain effective and applicable. The data will be "as it is" and "as it is available" with no guarantee, including, but not limited, non-counterfeiting, marketing and adequacy to a particular purpose, and all guarantees that are implied by any type of delivery or use of trade, all expressly implemented by law. (Note: this is an example of AEA for data records that have denied human subject data) The use of materials includes, but is not limited to the display of parts or the complete contents of materials; Comparing material data or content with data or content in other materials; Reviewing research results with the content of materials; extracting and/or appropriation of some of the content content contained in materials for use in other projects, publications, research or other related work products. Downloaders and users agree that all causes of the complaint resulting from the downloading or use of data must be completed within one (1) year after the action; Otherwise, such a means is definitively excluded. This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Texas and will be interpreted accordingly. All disputes under this agreement will be resolved in the relevant domestic or federal courts in Texas. Downloader agrees with the jurisdiction of these jurisdictions and waives any jurisdiction or jurisdiction that is available elsewhere. Under no circumstances are researchers contractually or otherwise liable for data (i) for direct damages or (ii) for loss of earnings or special, indirect, indirect, punitive or consequential damages of any kind.

Downloader uploader of data sets unloaded from and against all losses, costs, costs, liability or damages, including, but not limited to all reasonable legal fees and legal fees that deviate: This is an agreement ("agreement") between you, the downloader ("Downloader") and the owner of the materials ("users") for the use of materials ("materials") to download. Users can change the terms of this contract at any time. However, the changes made to this Agreement are only effective for downloads after such a change. No changes will be replaced by all previous conditions in place at the time of downloading. By downloading or accessing other documents, Downloader agrees under this Agreement.