Deed Agreement Time

Please let me know that if you have an agreement on the purchase/sale of its land/farmland, if GSS was applicable to the contract itself? "20. The question for the Tribunal to consider is whether the sale agreement executed on December 27, 2002 can be considered the date on which the land, that is, the dwelling house, was transferred. Under normal circumstances, the execution of a contract to sell a property creates a right in personam for the benefit of the purchaser/selleree. When such a right is created for the benefit of the Vende, the seller is discouraged from selling the property mentioned to someone else, because the Vende, for which the personnam right is created, has the legitimate right to apply the specific performance of the contract if, for some reason, the seller does not execute the deed of sale. Thus, under the agreement to sell a certain right, the seller is given to the Vendee. The question is whether the entire property was sold at the time of a sale agreement. Under normal circumstances, the question should be answered in the negative. However, if one considers the provisions of Section 2 (47) of the Act that defines the term "transfer" from an asset, it can be said that when a property on the property is extinguished by the performance of a transfer contract, the asset can be considered transferred. The relevant part of Section 2 (47), which defines the word "transfer," is described as: […] You with all aspects of your purchase/sale of a property – from the drafting of the sales contract to the registration of it on your behalf. We have a network of specialized lawyers […] 7. Although, in accordance with the amendment to the 1908 Empty Amendment Act 2001, an agreement to sell land without registration has no transfer effect, the agreement in question must be considered in conjunction with the subsequent sale record.

This is not a transfer based solely on unregistered documents, but in this case, the parties to the contract executed the deed of sale in accordance with the agreement.