Eh Participation Agreement Form

e) Update or set up your Pitchero profile to keep you up-to-date with important THC Step 4 updates and information and download the Pitchero app, set your settings to receive notifications to stay up to date and stay in touch! For those who do not participate in Training 1 and 2 (i.e. M3 – 7 and L3-5), the following process applies: o everyone is added to a new pitchero team called Ladies Club Sess (Aug20) and Mens Club (Aug29) those who want to play must update their availability for this team against all slot machines (shown as Fixtures.o Players who have completed the EH participation form are assigned to a game session (Selected) and a Pitchero team invitation is sent for confirmation. When we are oversubscribed, players are assigned and invited as reserves and guests if someone breaks down o You can`t come to the club (No Turn Up and Play), if you haven`t been selected for a session – participate only if you send an invitation from the Pitchero team for the session/games – More details will be sent to all players to learn more about the format and booking. If you have already completed the club hockey form, you must refill it for the DC/AC event. It`s exciting, hockey has been able to come back. As an association, we are required to comply with all state requirements regarding Covid, and you as our members are required to read the following and provide all mandatory information. e) Ensure that THC operating rules and risk assessments are updated and approved by TSC Limited, implemented and shared on a special area on the "Step 4 Back to Hockey ( add a link) site where all booking information and forms are hosted. The updated versions will be uploaded to the website later this week. We also need to keep attendance records and share them with the EH. Detailed information about EH`s handling of your data can be found in this form. Below are copies of the risk assessments we had to provide for each location.

These are usually the same, but there may be some local variations in keeping with local information. These are working papers and, as we learn more about each place, we can make changes. Please complete the registration form for England Hockey participation: No one can train or play without completing this form and it must be completed at least 48 hours before the training sessions or games in which you wish to participate. It may take at least 24 hours before your form is processed by EH, and we can`t let you play without it. So click on the link, read what you log in and fill in the database of personal information as soon as possible. We ask all players and parents/animators to carefully read all the information on this page so that we can make sure that we all do our part to keep everyone safe and are able to enjoy hockey despite the threat of the virus. If you haven`t read our previous All Change for Hockey update – to move to Step 4 THC Update, please read, as it contains information on slots and pitch times e) Full booking forms for coaching with Albert and Mark and for England Hockey fitness sessions require each player to complete an agreement form for the participation agreement – otherwise you cannot be selected to play or participate.