Indo China Agreement

Signed in Beijing on September 7, 1993, available on the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (AMF) contract database in English, Chinese and Hindi. All three texts have the same validity. An English copy is also available in the UN Peacemaker database. According to a summary on the UN peacemakers` website, the agreement provides "a framework for border security between the parties until a final decision is taken on the delimitation of borders." The parties agree to "minimize military forces in areas along effective control" and to "reduce military personnel" with friendly and quality relations between them. (Article 2) They also agree to implement confidence-building measures along the LAC`s control, including prior notifying "military exercises at certain levels close to the effective line of control authorized by this agreement." (Article 2) In October 1954, the two countries signed a trade agreement that experts said strongly favoured China. [39] In 2012, India and China agreed on the creation of a consultation and coordination working mechanism to "study ways and means of organizing and strengthening exchanges and cooperation between military personnel and institutions… border areas.ย The 2013 Border Defence Cooperation Agreement lists several mechanisms to avoid misunderstandings and improve communication. Article VI of the agreement prohibits both parties from transferring the other party`s patrols "to areas where there is no common understanding of the effective line of control." In 1960, officials from India and China met on the basis of an agreement between Nehru and Zhou Enlai to settle the border dispute. [27] China and India disagreed on the major watersheds that determined the border in the western sector.

[27]:96 Chinese statements on their borderline claims have often misrepresented the sources cited. [41] Article X Special representatives on the issue of borders continue their consultations to define an agreed framework for a border settlement that will serve as the basis for the delimitation and demarcation of the border between the Republic of China and the border between China, which will then be carried out by civilian and military agents and surveyors from both sides. Article XI This agreement enters into force on the date of signing and is amended and complemented by mutual agreement between the two parties. Signed in two ballot boxes in New Delhi on April 11, 2005, in Hindi, Chinese and English, the three texts are also authentic. In case of deviation, priority is given to the English text. For the Government of the Republic of India For the Government of the People`s Republic of China New Delhi 11 April 2005 In 1995, the India-China Expert Group reached an agreement on the creation of two additional points of contact along the 4,000 km border to facilitate military-to-military encounters. Both sides were reportedly "seriously" concerned about the definition of the McMahon Line and the line of effective control of military exercises and the prevention of air penetration.