Multilateral Agreement On Route Charges

(a) support the updated principles for defining the cost base for Route 9 charges; (3) the use of route fee revenues to finance joint projects; Air navigation charges finance the costs of air navigation services made available to airlines, including the following activities: air traffic management (ATM), communications, navigation and surveillance (CNS), search and rescue (SAR), aviation information and weather observations, forecasts of the French office (Meteo France). This page provides an overview of the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on on-the-go service units (Total) (TSUs) and expected revenue from travel costs. In addition, an estimate of the revenue losses to be borne by member states and airspace users under current cost recovery regimes is given. The analysis includes 39 states (all Eurocontrol Member States, with the exception of Monaco and Ukraine) designated in this analysis as the CRCO area. The view is divided into 39 loading zones 1. In accordance with Decree No. 2018-1274 of 26 December 2018 relating to aviation, the Minister of Civil Aviation may decide to suspend air navigation services against any user who has not paid the air navigation fees due. This decision is made at the request of Eurocontrol or the budget accountant for air traffic control and air operations. For information on the unique fares of road charges for all Eurocontrol states, see: airspace users (commercial airlines and, if necessary, general aviation) are required to pay the air navigation charges used to finance services provided by the State to ensure the safety and efficiency of flights. As far as air transport is concerned, the large French city has two types of equivalent fees in the French overseas territories. Article 218, paragraph 9, of the TFUE provides for decisions that "define the positions to be taken on behalf of the Union within an agreement-based body when that institution is invited to adopt acts with legal effects, with the exception of acts that complement or modify the institutional framework of the agreement". Issues relating to air navigation charges in Poland are governed by the following national and international rules: Article 15 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (also known as the Chicago Convention) signed on 7 December 1944; To art. 14 to 15 bis of Regulation (EC) 550/2004 of the European Parliament and the Council of 10 December 2004.

Commission Enforcement Regulation (EU) No. 391/2 of 3 May 2013 establishing a common pricing system for air navigation services;