Mysql End User License Agreement

If you need a license, you need it for every installation of MySQL software. This covers any number of processors on a computer, and there is no artificial limit for the number of customers who connect to the server in one way or another. MySQL AB welcomes references to the MySQL database, but note that the word MySQL is a trademark of MySQL AB. For this reason, you should add the brand icon (™) to the first or most important use of the word MySQL in a text and, if necessary, indicate that MySQL is a trademark of MySQL AB. For more information, please see our brand policy at U.S. GOVERNMENT END USERS: Oracle programs (including operating system, integrated software, all programs embedded, installed or activated on the hardware provided and modifications made to these programs) and Oracle computer documentation or any other Oracle data that are transmitted or accessed to by U.S. government end-users are "commercial computer software" or "commercial documentation of computer software" in accordance with the Federal Regulation. Therefore, the use, reproduction, dissemination, displaying, disclosing, disclosing, modifying, preparing derived works and/or adapting Oracle programs (including operating systems, integrated software, integrated, installed or activated programs on the material provided, and changes made to those programs), (ii) Oracle`s computer documentation and/or (iii) Oracle`s other data are subject to the rights and restrictions specified in the license provided.

The terms of use of Oracle Cloud services by the U.S. government are defined by the current contract for these services. The U.S. government is not granted any other rights. For open source free software developers ("FOSS") as part of the GPL that combine and distribute these FOSS applications with MySQL software, Oracle`s open source software, which is gpL licensed, is the best option. Many MySQL database users want to display the MySQL AB Dolphin logo on their websites, books or box products. We welcome and encourage this, although it should be noted that the word MySQL and the MySQL Dolphin logo are trademarks of MySQL AB and can only be used as stated in our brand policy. MySQL partnership logos can only be used by companies and individuals who have entered into a written partnership agreement with MySQL AB. Partnerships include certification as a MySQL trainer or consultant.